Love As the Law, Love As Justice

In our current age, seemingly no different from so many other ages, love is in constant danger of easy reduction. Love is all things to all people. It is the Grand Unifying Principle. Love is romance, friendship, camaraderie. Love is another expression for “relation;” to relate is to love, and therefore all things, even inanimate objects and events love after a fashion. The universe is an ordered and disordered cosmos of love. Love is described as often difficult, even the most impossible thing, yet also the best thing, and the thing that will make you whole or undo you completely. Love is the proper relation to family members and enemies alike. But because of its supremacy, love is also slippery, too easily filling up the cracks and fissures of whatever situation calls for it, a universal, all-purpose fixative applied whenever an answer is needed, a quest or mission required. Continue reading