Not All; Not Yet

God heal me
  --but not all
Save me from the mourning to come
  --but not yet
Cleanse this inner vessel
  --but in part
Grant me peace and everlasting
  --but for now a half-healed heart

I need these broken hands and bruised shoulders
These cracked feet and haunted eyes
They are attuned to the wince and the tremble
To the cry and the shudder
This broken body tells me a story
The story that is all stories
And fits me for a place within those darkened hollows

I need these ragged edges
These worn and tattered borders
This cracked and bleeding heart
Its wholeness would let nothing in
A fortress of integrity
Where alone I raise a glass
And watch the world burn

My God, your wounded hands 
and weeping eyes
Reveal to me in terrible solemnity
The essence of eternity

God heal me in these wounds
And when there is nothing left to love
Then and only then
Make me whole again

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