Excommunication for Apostasy in the Present Age: An Argument For Its Dissolution

The Church Handbook of Instructions provides the purposes of disciplinary councils:

  1. save the souls of the transgressors;
  2. protect the innocent; and
  3. safeguard the purity, integrity, and good name of the Church.

I’m not going to debate the thousands of possible scenarios wherein one’s behavior may or may not merit excommunication. I am, however, wary of the notion, somewhat popular nowadays, that excommunication could never, under any circumstances, be justifiable, if only for the reason that all such absolutist statements stand on shaky grounds. Even scientific facts, about which we are confident and certain, are are not inherently un-revisable. Something is nearly always capable of being qualified, conditioned, exceptioned. Continue reading


TLC, Ty Mansfield, and Human Relationships

TLC-My-Husbands-Not-GayThe furor surrounding the TLC show about homosexual men trying to have successful marriages and families with women is understandable. I personally know people or people who have loved ones who attempted to manage their homosexual orientations within the context of heterosexual relationships and were met with utter disaster and ruin. Mitch Mayne’s sobering piece illustrates this problem well. Continue reading