The Helpless Christ

On the classical account of strong theology, Jesus was just holding back his divine power in order to let his human nature suffer. He freely chose to check his power because the Father had a plan to redeem the world with his blood. … That is not the weakness of God that I am here defending. God, the event harbored by the name of God, is present at the crucifixion, as the power of the powerlessness of Jesus, in and as the protest against the injustice that rises up from the cross, in and as the words of forgiveness, not a deferred power that will be visited upon one’s enemies at a later time. God is in attendance as the weak force of the call that cries out from Calvary and calls across the epochs, that cries out from every corpse created by every cruel and unjust power.

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On Being Needed vs. Being Necessary: Some Thoughts on Women, Priesthood, and Responsibility

Women cannot be regarded as fully human until the full measure of responsibility and accountability is theirs. This is where the charged rhetorics of modesty, pedestalization, and singularity and specialness of gender are all mutually embedded–in the wonderful-terrible blessing and burden of cultural, institutional, and religious responsibility and accountability. This is also why the rhetoric of “equality” should be replaced with one of responsibility and accountability. Responsibility is what is really at stake with this kind of empowerment, and it is really what we mean by “equality.” Responsibility is the decisive and irrevocable difference between becoming angels or becoming gods.
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The Meaning of Mandela

Like millions around the globe, I’m an admirer of Nelson Mandela. It’s hard not to admire one who endured so much on behalf of a cause he was willing to die for. I admire his willingness to forgive and not become embittered and hopeless by being imprisoned during the entirety of the prime of his life. I admire the impetus and vision behind the (not flawless) Truth and Reconciliation Commission, initiated under his leadership. Many of his speeches and writings are genuinely inspiring and spiritually mature, not simply saccharine feel-goodism. Continue reading